Sierra Nevada, Marbellas ski resort

Sierra Nevada the ski resort on the Costa del Sol

Marbella Unique Properties are passionate about ski, therefore we cannot ignore that Sierra Nevada’s new winter ski season is about to start, bursting with excitement and attracting skiers of all ages to come to its white snow capped sun kissed mountains in the south of Spain.

The ski resort and the mountains of Sierra Nevada are an essential part of Andalusian and the Costa del Sols snow tourism, an extremely privileged location with fantastic weather whether it’s for enjoying sports activities or contemplating the surrounding nature. The most Southern ski resort in Europe offering excellent snow facilities and a completely different type of tourism, only two hours from Marbella and the Costa del Sol. The luxury Marbella properties that can be found on the Costa del Sol and the five star urbanisations in Marbella alongside the close proximity of the ski resort in Sierra Nevada perfectly complements luxury tourism, offering the chance to enjoy activities next to your beach property in Marbella in the morning and end the day skiing at one of the best ski resorts in Europe.

The quality of the snow, the exceptional maintenance of the ski slopes to the additional actives available make this tourist destination a focal point for our winter calendar.

Every day counts when choosing a ski resort for an extended stay and the extra options that a resort can offer, this is where Sierra Nevada offers much more, almost too much as it includes a High Performance Centre for elite athletes, Civil Guard, restaurants, summer courses at the University of Granada, night skiing, bars, conference centres, a full range of hotels, clinic, a church, pharmacy, kindergartens and a set of activities that offers the skier everything for a rounded holiday and more, not forgetting why they originally came, to Ski!

Sierra Nevada, Marbellas ski resort - Marbella Unique Properties

History of the Ski Resort

Since the late nineteenth century, the consul of Spain in Helsinki (the writer Angel Ganivet, from Granada) began to discuss the idea of developing in Sierra Nevada “The Andalusian Finland”, thereby giving birth to winter sports in the mountains of Granada. There seemed to be general agreement that Sierra Nevada had optimal potential for sport.

In fact, its tradition and dates back to 1898, with the birth of society “Ten Friends Limited”, who lived the early years of the sport, being in 1912 when the Company become Sierra Nevada, third oldest club in Spain and first in Andalusia, working in the tourism and sports development of the resort and pushing for the construction of the first hotel in the Granada mountain range, in the Hoya de la Mora.

From the 1920s, with the construction of the Granada-Sierra Nevada road and an electric railway through spectacular countryside, the Granada population began to fall in love with the snow.

In 1964 the company Centros Turísticos S.A. (CETURSA) was founded, this became the management company of the ski resort, initiating the development of tourism in Sierra Nevada.

In 1985 the shareholders of CETURSA, the current directors were introduced, led by the Government of Andalusia, bringing major economic investments to the resort, by holding the World Championships in 1996, this ski resort was named the most important in Europe.

Sierra Nevada, Marbellas ski resort - Marbella Unique Properties

The infallible combination of sun and snow

The excellent temperature in the highest peaks of the Peninsula make this ski resort the most desirable for ski aficionados. Located in the Sierra Nevada Natural Park, an immense area of over 140,000 hectares comprising the highest mountainous areas of the peninsula, with an altitude between 800 meters and 3482 meters of Mulhacén, the mountain resort occupies a small space in areas of this huge park.

The central block of this mountain range, is the stronghold of various glaciers that are located further south of the peninsula. These ice residues formed a set of beautiful lakes, among which are the Seven Lakes, the source of the Genil, or Las Yeguas, located near Veleta comprising of countless streams and rivers that supply a variety of native flora. These are some of the main reasons that the area was declared a national park in 1989. Over 1.700 plant species live in this unbeatable location.

The park can be accessed from various national roads: N-323, C-332 and the N-342, there are alternative routes and areas available to enjoy a variety of outdoor activities in various natural environments all year round throughout the seasons, such as: hiking, mountain biking, various forms of flight, horse riding which are all concentrated and begin in the area of Pradollano. The opportunity to wander through these mountains even during the winter months, have become an irresistible choice for many visitors including the chance to visit areas full of character such as Trévelez or Bubión and the network of mountain huts and shelters throughout the park.

Marbella Unique Properties offers our ski aficionados a large selection of properties for sale where they can enjoy the sun, sea and sand, without giving up their favourite sport – skiing. Likewise we also offer short term rental properties available for those who refuse to give up their winter holiday in the sun.

Sierra Nevada, Marbellas ski resort - Marbella Unique Properties