Why choose Marbella as a place to live?

Every year the statistics are unmistakeable: Foreigners choose Marbella as their favorite place to spend the summer holidays. They come from everywhere in Europe, especially the UK and Germany or Russia, to enjoy our magnificent weather. Really long summers that can take up to the months of October, or even November.

Why choose Marbella as a place to live - Marbella Unique Properties - Please do not hesitate to contact us

Hotels are overbooked that time of the year and it’s just the perfect moment for those that only open during the summer season, and lots of new clients are considering the city for a permanent stay in this very popular location from the Costa del Sol after enjoying the beach, or iconic places such as Puerto Banús or the exquisite Andalusian cuisine in the best restaurants.

So, what makes living in Marbella a lifestyle?

Starting by what’s the most important: health. Living in Marbella is a healthy lifestyle for you. It is definitely not as noisy as other big cities – such as London or Madrid – and not as filled with pollution, a really concerning matter nowadays. But it has, though, an amazingly important comercial business movement which makes it the number one vacation place for every turist. It also encourages people to keep active (Right now there’s an application open for a running marathon. You can check it out in this website) And a huge cultural offer at the local theatre and also in the FNAC store, which organizes various cultural events each month for members and non members of the franchise. Including intense cultural workshops in which they show movies, and signings from known authors and singers.

Why choose Marbella as a place to live Marbella Unique Properties - Please do not hesitate to contact us

Marbella is, without a shadow of a doubt and as its name indicates…just beautiful. But when it comes to choosing a home, Which are the best areas to start a new life in a new city?

The Golden Mile covers the whole road around the beach to the very heart of Puerto Banús and it is one of the most exclusive and demanded to start a new living. Plus, it’s adjustable to the client’s liking: from apartments with spectacular views to gorgeous Villas (detached or semi detached) just in front of the beach or really near the best golf courses for every aficionado. Or if you simply want to live in a peaceful space, pleasant with nice neighbours and lots of miles for daily runs or walks. Then there’s the Nagüeles area which is more into the mountains. Even if The Golden Mile is not exactly in the very heart of Marbella, there’s public transport nearby that can take you there in less than 20 minutes, even by car.

There are also little shopping centers and big companies, for example La Colonia near Guadalmina or if not you can drop by El Corte Inglés for all your shopping needs, in Puerto Banus.

On the other hand, if the client does not want to be bothered there’s an incredible amount of offers in the city. A cozy home with every store just at a walk distance, and of course, the beach for the hot days of the year and to keep active in the Winter. There are different areas, one of the most popular is playa de la fontanilla, near Camilo José Cela Street. Spacious flats furnished or unfurnished with views to die for. There are really famous hotels just a few steps away like El fuerte and of course the best food and typical fried fish and local cuisine Marbella has to offer. Properties that are perfect for the lifestyle everyone that comes to the Costa del Sol is searching for: Calm but dynamic, healthy and also fun. The Puerto Deportivo is ideal for the night life, and to have the best fish in those hot nights in Summer or spring. And you can be sure it will be fresh and good fish, every morning at dusk the fishmen put all the hard work to get it to the restaurants.

To sum up, Marbella is more than just a place to spend a few days or weeks in. It’s a place to enjoy when it’s crazy busy in the summer months with its weather and wonderful beaches, but to also go for the not so active months in Autumn and Winter, given that is one of the less cold places in Andalucía. Even though, sometimes, we get a few days of intense rain.

During the month of December there are quite a few events to participate in or just enjoy. Last month at the Palacio de ferias y congresos there was a benefit Christmas bazaar sponsored by Caritas – Caritas is known for their hard work in helping people in need. And right now I can name a few interesting places if you happen to be here: Christmas Markets (at Kempinski, Volubilis in front of Marbella club), solidary marathons Sponsored by the red cross… La Sala is also making amazing tributes to great artists such as Adele, Michael Bublé or The New Jersey Boys at the Live Lounge. If you want to have a huge Christma’s eve dinner, lots of restauranst are making their menus already!

Or you can always drop by the Alameda park and go see the beautiful Nativity scene they just set up.

Are you ready to be seduced by one of the most VIP places in the South of Spain?

Why choose Marbella as a place to live? Marbella Unique Properties, please do not hesitate to contact us.