Tips for a smooth Check In & Repair Free Holiday Stay

Owning a holiday home on the coast can bring a lot of joy and happy moments sharing with family and friends: enjoying the beach only a few steps away from home; time spent on the terrace with a glass of wine contemplating the sea views; candlelit dinners at sunset; unforgettable house parties, forming part of a local neighborhood… However being a second home owner also brings with it many responsibilities and obligations in terms of fees, taxes and maintenance. This is the main reason why a large number of holiday home owners combine the use of the property for their own needs alongside renting it to holidaymakers.

The rewards in terms of profit does not come without challenges along the way. Some of the most common include upholding laws and regulations, obtaining fruitful bookings, to find out more please click on: (Owners and properties, are you ready for the summer?); providing high standards of decoration and cleanliness, please see: (What successful homeowners do during the low season); satisfying guests expectations with regard to services, to read more this please click: (What successful homeowners do during the low season – II); and last but not least, managing the properties maintenance.

Marbella Unique Properties considers regular maintenance and consequently, the impeccable condition of the property as one of the key factors for a successful holiday rental. We would like to underline the importance of routine maintenance check-ups and subsequent repairs before the season commences to ensure smooth check-in for clients and to avoid unnecessary disasters and emergency repairs during their stay. No matter how luxurious, beautifully designed and well equipped the property is, if during the clients’ stay the air conditioning suddenly stops working, or the fridge does not cool, or the shower water isn’t clear, or the shutters are stuck, or there is no Wi-Fi signal etc… If the “core” of the home is not working properly the client will not be able to enjoy and appreciate the special qualities of the property no matter how amazing they are; and it will take extra effort to neutralize the negative impression. Whether an owner manages his property himself or delegates to the property manager he always remains responsible for his property, and its condition is mostly in his hands. If he is unable to take care of the necessary repairs because he does not have his own repair team or lives abroad, Marbella Unique Properties is happy to help to find the appropriate service, technician or specialist.

What to include on an owner’s property maintenance check- up list:


As we well know, each home is its own world and has different electrical needs, so it is of vital importance to have the adequate power contracted to avoid the system overloading. The contracted electrical power indicates the maximum number of electrical appliances and devices that can be connected simultaneously. It is recommended not to overload the electrical circuit by connecting at the same time all the high power devices, such as electric oven, washing machine, dryer etc… It is important to check the installation periodically and to be up to date with the current legislation.


The majority of plumbing issues can be prevented by proper care and maintenance.  Clogging the sink and bathtub can be avoided by regular cleaning with special drain cleaning products. Water dripping in toilets is worth fixing because it can negatively affect the water bills. The capacity of your boiler should correspond to the capacity of people staying in the property. If your guests decide to take a shower one after another, there should be enough hot water for everyone. Low water pressure can be very annoying for guests, if it is the question of an old plumbing installation and not of the water pipes leaking or breakage, air-water mixing technology may be a good solution. It increases the water pressure and saves on water.


Putting fresh batteries into all the remote controls and a professional check of the satellite and TV antenna can save on a call from an unhappy guest. Unless the guests decide to go on a “technology detox” they will definitely require internet connection. Having a monthly contract with a local internet provider ends up being more economical and effective than last minute temporary portable solutions.


All appliances should be tested and cleaned before the start of the seasons. All the air-conditioning filters should be replaced or cleaned; the pipes of the washing machine should be inspected; dryers should be cleaned thoroughly, the salt and liquids should be topped up for the dishwasher, the stability of the fridge and freezer temperature should be checked and so on…


Must be in perfect condition so that the temperature and adequate lighting are maintained inside the property. In case of manual blinds, it is important to make sure the rope and the slats are in good condition. Many clients nowadays request additional black-out solutions such as blinds or curtains, installing them before the season can be a plus.


Even the most luxurious properties are not immune to insects, pests and rodents. Pest control can save guests from: ants in the kitchen, rats in the garden bushes or excessive amounts of mosquitos.

The check-up list should also include small details such as cleaning of water taps, oiling of door locks and checking all the light bulbs.

However, even with the most detailed of inspections, unexpected and uncontrollable problems can arise during the rental season. In such situations Marbella Unique Properties will be ready to help solve whatever problem as quickly as possible.

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