Mid and long term rentals

A new year, a new rental property! This is the best time of the year to rent a property for a mid or long term basis in Marbella. The busy Christmas season is over, many owners’ rental contracts come to an end, as well as new properties coming on the market, for rent both Long term and Midterm. What’s the difference?

Long term rentals – Rental contracts are typically made for a 1-year period, with the option to renew if both parties agree. Some rentals can be for shorter periods, but always 6 months or more. In a seaside resort such as Marbella, with Short term rentals, prices increase depending on the season; High season during the summer, Christmas and Easter periods. With a Long term rental, the price is not affected by the seasons and is a fixed monthly amount. That said, as in most countries, bills such as: electricity, water, gas and internet is always paid by the tenant on top of the monthly rental amount. The owner will pay the annual costs on the property during the same period, including: IBI (Property Tax), Basura (Rubbish Collection Tax) and Community Fees. On larger properties, such as villas, gardening and pool maintenance services can be paid either by the tenant or the owner, depending on the specific property and the agreement between both parties.

Long term rentals are a great way to get to know the areas or are a great temporary base for a Marbella property (without having the costs of purchasing one). Many long term tenants rent a property in an area that they are considering before purchasing, so to get a feel for the location and services nearby. Also many tenants opt for a long term rental when they are planning on living in Marbella for a few years not more. Many clients like to rent in gated communities with security. Marbella has a large volume of families that choose our city for the large variety of International and private schools as well as being known for low crime and being a safe city, giving peace of mind to partners who may work abroad, travelling back and forth on a weekly basis.

Midterm rentals – We have began to see more demand in the past years for this type of rental enquiry. Clients tend to look for a property to rent through the winter months for a short period. Price wise they are looking for something in the middle, neither a weekly basis price, nor a true long term rental price. Typically for a few months stay, 2 to 4 months on average. Many owners that rent their properties out in the high seasons on a short term rental basis, will rent the property in the winter for this type of midterm rental. This is an ideal way to also get to know the areas for tenants who are again, looking to buy in Marbella in the future, or for many who like to get away from the northern colder climates during these months. We have seen in the past few years, a number of middle aged to elderly clients finding this type of rental best suited to their needs, some even booking the same property again on a regular basis in the off season months. The prices reflect the season, duration of the contract and amount of people staying, favorable for both the tenant and owner. For the tenant, this type of rental price on a 2 or 3 months stay, would typically include most bills. However, there may be a maximum price per month on the electricity bill, meaning the owner would pay up to a certain agreed amount, and the tenant the difference. Or maybe additional features such as internet would be included or not, depending on the property and specific owner. In any case, this is also a great way to rent a more expensive property during the lower priced months and enjoy a longer stay, in certain properties that otherwise wouldn’t be available for a true long term rental.

What type of property can you rent for these periods and which are the best locations?

Property types can vary from boutique apartments to spacious townhouses in gated communities to private villas with own swimming pools. For both midterm and long term rentals, there is a lot to choose from for all budgets, available at this time of the year.

The best locations are always; beachfront or beachside along the coast. From Marbella East offering great natural beaches and tranquil areas, to The Golden Mile between Marbella town center and Puerto Banus. To Guadalmina and The New Golden Mile and beyond. Highly sought after alternative locations would be the most famous golf valley “Nueva Andalucia” with 5 top quality golf courses and International schools. Behind Marbella town in “Sierra Blanca” and its surrounding areas also with International schools within the vicinity. Guadalmina Baja and Alta are also highly sought after with the Spanish private school San Jose and close proximity to San Pedro town center.

Most importantly is to find the right property for your needs, that’s where an agency such as Marbella Unique Properties comes into play. There are many properties out there, but choosing the right property can take a lot of time. With a quick moving market, booking that property with speed, efficiently and in accordance to the law is where an experienced agent is required. Marbella Unique Properties team have been dealing with rentals in the Marbella areas for over 20 years. Extremely knowledgably and reliable, we look forward to your call.