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Continuing from our previous blog “Day Trips from Marbella to Ronda”, Marbella Unique Properties is pleased to review another great place to visit in Andalucia during your Marbella visit, the city of Granada.

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The capital city of the province of Granada. Set at the foot of the Sierra Nevada mountains, a university city full of live and tourism. This city is one of the most popular visited of Spain, and for many valid reasons; 6 different districts, full of history and cultural attractions to see, great architecture, world class skiing in the surrounding mountains and much more. A multicultural city with diverse nationalities living together in harmony year round. Popular for its good food and student nightlife atmosphere, as well as many options for studying with its university and colleges.

Granada is located north East of Malaga capital and is approximately a 2hrs drive from Marbella. An easy drive on the motorway from Marbella, passing Malaga city and then following the directions for Cordoba/Granada going north. Granada has its own airport and is popular with low-cost airlines, as well as with Iberia and British Airways. It also is easy to reach by train, being a main stop on the route to Madrid. Direct busses from Malaga airport to Granada bus station are an additional cheaper alternative.

What to see and where to go:

Alhambra & Generalife – Declared a World Heritage site by UNESCO in 1984, the Alhambra is a Nasrid “palace city”. Comprising of different areas; the Alcazaba the Nasrid Palaces, Generalife the palace gardens and orchards. Completely walled and set on the top of a small plateau overlooking the city. In the 13th century the Alhambra became the royal residence and marked the beginning of its heyday. Resident to the Nasrid sultans and senior officials. To the end of the 1400’s the Catholic Monarchs expelled the Moors from the city and established permanent residency in the Alhambra. Repair and restoration that continues to this day began in the 19th century, currently including the Museum of the Alhambra with many objects found onsite, located in the Museum of Fine Arts. The Generalife was conceived as a rural village, with landscaping, gardens and architecture build during the reign of Muhammed III (1300’s). Built in the Islamic Nasrid style, with a water courtyard (a long pool framed by flowerbeds, fountains and pavilions). The Generalife is one of the oldest surviving examples of Moorish gardens.

The Cathedral – Spains first Renaissance style church- located in Plaza de Las Pasiegas, considered the first of its style as no other churches in Spain were so distinct in their architectural style. Began in 1523 and finished in 1704, this emblematic building is adorned by baroque elements, with large halls flooded by light and stunning decoration.

Palace of the Marques de Salar – Built on one of the most famous streets in Granada, the Carrera del Darro. An architectural example of classical Granada during the Renaissance. The palace now is the Museum of Perfumes (El Patio de los Perfumes) with 1.500m2 of building over 2 floors with a stunning patio surrounded by flowers and perfumes.

Skiing in Sierra Nevada – A world class ski resort in Europe’s most southern point and Spains third-highest peak. Many ski and snowboard championships and events have been held in Sierra Nevada and is the most popular place to ski when living or visiting the coast. Due to its high elevation the skiing season can range from mid to end November till the end of April on any given year. On a clear day, views to the northern coast of Africa can even be seen. With 106kms of pistes to choose from including Green, Blue, Red and Black to choose from. If you are visiting during the winter months, Sierra Nevada should be included in your list of places to discover.

Gastronomy – Part of the Arabic-Andalusian traditional cuisine, with strong Arab and Jewish heritage which can be seen in the spices used including; cumin, coriander, nutmeg, almonds and honey. Famous “Trevelez” ham comes from the Sierra of Granada, creating well known Spanish foods such as Chorizo and Black Pudding. Ham and beans (two products from the land) combine to make some of Granadas most popular dishes. Other well-known dishes are: Sacromonte tortilla, Papas a lo Pobre, stews and casseroles including the San Antons (cabbage stew). Famous deserts prepared by the nuns in various convents throughout the city are also very popular, including the Pestiños de Velez or those of Encarnacion, Moorish Roscos and an almond cake called Soyá are all of Arabic heritage.

Fun facts:

In 1492 Christopher Columbus requested royal endorsement for his westward expedition of the same year, to the Catholic Monarchs Ferdinand and Isabela at their permanent residence in the Alhambra.

Unlike other provinces in Andalucia, Tapas in Granada are usually free in bars and restaurants with people bar-hopping after work or just before dinner. There are various tapas routes throughout the city that are very popular with locals and tourists.

Federico Garcia Lorca is well kown as Spains most famous writer and poet, born in a small town close to Granada. A museum dedicated to his life and work is located in the heart of the capital in the townhouse he grew up in, right in the city center.

Enrique Morente a Granada born flamenco singer and innovator, was one of the most inventive figures in flamencos recent history and was highly regarded as one of Granadas most famous artists.

The cites symbol is the Pomegranate, fitting considering that Granada in Spanish means pomegranate.

This concludes our short review of Granada, a unique city not to be missed when visiting Marbella. If you are planning a trip to our area and would like information on accommodation and more, please don’t hesitate to contact Marbella Unique Properties and we will gladly help find the perfect property for you.

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