Why give your property on exclusive to a real estate agency?

What does giving a real estate agent exclusivity of your property actually mean?

This type of contract means establishing an agreement between a real estate agency and you, as the owner, so that the real estate agency in question is the only one in charge of selling or renting your home on an exclusive basis, for the period you authorise them to do so.

The real estate agency that you have given exclusivity to, can share your property with other collaborating agencies, and you will only have to contact and relate to the one agency that you signed the exclusivity agreement with.

Exclusivity contract. Marbella Unique Properties

Why give your property on exclusive to a real estate agency?

Giving exclusivity of your property is a work of mutual commitment, where you place your trust in the real estate agency you have chosen, to be in charge of selling or renting your property, and they will prioritise the transaction of the property.

If you choose not to give your property on exclusive to an agency, both you and many estate agents will be in competition trying to sell the property first.

This means that in the first option, you as the owner, normally do not have the resources that a real estate agency has, so even if you advertise your property on web portals, you will not have the same reach that a real estate agency with a premium service has. This could stagnate the sale or rental of your property for a long period, or even never manage to complete a sale or rental.

In the second option, you choose to work with multiple real estate agencies, but without an exclusive contract, it is most likely that they will not invest the same resources they would if the property was exclusive to them. As within the web portals there are a limited number of priority ads (those that appear first) and these are usually chosen for exclusive properties, enabling the agencies to reach more potential customers.

Also, the agencies will not have such a close relationship with you and it is likely that your property will change conditions at some point, and may therefore become out of date.

For all these reasons, giving your property on an exclusive basis to an agency is a good idea, as the real estate agency will invest all their necessary resources to achieve the joint objective, which is the transaction.

What do you have to take into account when selling your property on an exclusive basis?

Choose a real estate agency that you trust

As we have already mentioned, giving your property on an exclusive basis is an exercise in trust, which should not be decided upon an impulse, but rather you should study carefully who you are going to choose.

It is very important that you take into account the exclusivity of your property when choosing a real estate agency:

  • Choose an agency that works for you, meaning that the commission is charged to you the owner. Why? Because if you choose a real estate agency that also charges the buyer, the mediation during the transaction may not necessarily result in your best interest.
  • Choose a real estate agency that puts itself in your shoes, this is to say, that cares about what happens to you and advises you on how to find your best solution.
  • It is also very important that they have a network of collaborators and agencies, to give an extra boost to achieve the properties full potential.

So, how can we summarise in 5 points why you should give your house on exclusive:

  • Sell your property faster and easier, saving problems and complications.
  • Your property will have priority over others.
  • Your property will be advertised with multiple agencies, and managed by one sole agency.
  • In addition, your property will have priority on Real Estate web portals.
  • Another advantage of giving your property to an agency is, that you have the possibility of stating the exact location of your property.

Why choose Marbella Unique Properties for your properties exclusive?

Thats easy, we bring together all the necessary points previously mentioned and we are a team with a track record of successful personal communication with owners and clients, in addition to over 14 years of experience in the Marbella real estate sector. Therefore as well as getting to know you personally and your properties situation, taking care of your best interests, we will offer our knowhow to promote your property to achieve the objective, for either the sale or rental of your property, with speed and guidance.

Contact to Marbella Unique Properties and we will help you with your property.

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